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A radical Black-led micro-publisher based in the UK, giving platform to marginalised writers.





We began as an anti-speciesism collective who organised through animal artistry, community care, & (re)imaginative learning. These histories still influence our work today: all animals create; art is a practice of nature and essential to the success of all and any revolutions.


Everything we do is in consistent alignment with the abolitionist politic. We publish literature that is politically engaged and written from fresh perspectives on under discussed topics.


We are communally funded so do not rely on donors nor are deeply linked to the wider elitist world of publishing, instead opting to connect to the people.

Black run

We are grounded in our experiences growing up Black in England, as well as our roots across the Afrikan diaspora. Ensuring that our projects reach and connect to Afrikan people and projects beyond this country, using our collaborative networks – currently in The Gambia and Barbados.


Supporters pre-order our publications, which is the basis for an economical and ecological model meaning we only print what is necessary and therefore reduces our environmental impact. Additionally, this also makes all of our books, t-shirts, and stickers ‘limited edition’.

We uplift and honour the word of the people!

We uplift and honour the word of the people!

We uplift and honour the word of the people!

We uplift and honour the word of the people!

We uplift and honour the word of the people!


How it works

Ordering —

Pre-Ordering: You can pre-order our publications via Kickstarter, which is the basis for an economical and ecological model meaning we print in small runs, therefore reducing our environmental impact. This also makes all of our books, t-shirts, and stickers ‘limited edition’. 

Standard Orders: You can order books after printing/publication via our website. Please see our directory below to order the of in-house and external books we stock. If you are looking to order more than five copies of one of our publications, please get in touch directly.


Sending orders —

We distribute orders ASAP after they have been printed. Our model means we need to accept pre-orders so that we can cover the printing costs, therefore pre-orders will naturally take a little longer.

If you are ordering after a book has been printed/published, expect regular delivery times of 1-2 weeks, depending on location. 

Please feel free to get in contact about your order if you feel a significant amount of time has passed.


Published and upcoming works...

  • Title: Radical Companionship: Rejecting Pethood & Embracing Our Multispecies World
  • Author: Aiyana Goodfellow
  • About: Exploring the rarely discussed dynamic of pethood, Aiyana Goodfellow speaks of reimagined relations between species, starting with the seedlings, expanding into the roots and blossoming into growth. A well-packed A6 pocket book.
  • PurchaseOrder Your Copy!
  • Title: INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION: An abolitionist understanding of youth oppression
  • Author: Aiyana Goodfellow
  • About: INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION illuminates the oppression of children and teenagers: as both its own valid experience and as an inherent part of all kinds of institutional marginalisation in our world today. Weaving social theory, history, critical analysis, personal reflection, and practical action, teenage author Aiyana Goodfellow tears down adult privilege and forces the reader to reckon with anti-child ageism.
  • Purchase: Order Your Copy!
  • Title: Full Spectrum Community Care
  • Author: Eshe Kiama Zuri
  • Coming Soon!


Aiyana Goodfellow

co-founder of The Anima Print

A writer, liberator, and DELINQUENT!

Aiyana generally writes and speaks about animality, Blackness, queerness, ageism, and all its intersections. They are a Black, queer, neurodivergent creative who co-runs The Anima Print and is the co-founding director of NEUROMANCERS. They are the author of Radical Companionship: Rejecting Pethood & Embracing Our Multispecies World.

INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION, published by The Anima Print, was written between the ages of 15-16 and is their second published book.


Eshe Kiama Zuri

co-founder of The Anima Print

An uneducated, Black, disabled activist.

They are the founder of Co-Care Project fka UK Mutual Aid, the Black-run and activist-forward support network for marginalised people running since 2018. Eshe is also a chef, an emergency doula and is actively involved in many projects and campaigns. Eshe is the creator of the term 'full spectrum community care', a concept that not just speaks on, but actively shows, the importance for building communities from the bottom up and tearing down and replacing saviourism and oppressive structures with practical, supportive and sustainable alternatives that prioritise marginalised communities.


We take writing submissions on a yearly basis. We are currently open for submissions!

We accept a variety of styles including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and cookbooks. Your submission should include:


  • A bio about yourself (include any writing experience you have, your contact details, social media pages, and any access requirements).
  • An overall summary of the writing (include the subject, page count, and audience).
  • A paragraph outlining why you wrote the piece and why you believe it is right for Anima.
  • Your completed manuscript.
Submissions can be sent in as

  • PDF
  • Word Doc
  • Google Doc
  • CryptPad Doc

Please ensure that all information is included as one document and that we can view it directly, without having to request access.

Submissions are open from the 8th of January 2024 (see instagram for closing date updates).
Visual Art

If you are interested in offering your time to create book covers, illustrations, or sticker and t-shirt designs please get in touch